Paws for thought!

Lots of us were taken by surprise to wake up to snow this morning! It’s a real Winter wonderland out there! If you are walking your dogs across the fields today, do check paws when you get home for any snow and ice build up between pads as this can be painful. The easiest way to remove this is to gently wipe paws with warm water rather than trying to pull off any frozen residue. Keeping fur short on pads can help reduce the likelihood of nasty snow balls between toes!

If your pets have come into contact with gritted paths, it’s a good idea to wash paws to protect the pads from becoming irritated and sore. Rock salt is also toxic to pets if eaten, so this avoids any ingestion if licking paws or grooming.

We hope you and your pets keep safe and have fun in the snow!

Categories: News
Published: 18, Jan, 2023