Personalised patient care and pet rehabilitation

Anyone whose pet has been in for surgery will know that we run post-op care appointments to ensure that wounds are healing well and pets are recovering as we would expect, or that if any intervention is needed we can respond quickly. Today, for Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month, our spotlight is on our Registered Veterinary Nurse Paige. At her last practice, Paige was particularly interested in post-orthopaedic rehabilitation, and we’re super excited that she is in the process of designing special rehabilitation plans for orthopaedic patients moving forwards, to help us to continue to improve and personalise our post-op patient care at 387 Vets. Paige is already in charge of checking and ordering in equipment for each orthopaedic procedure, so running dedicated care appointments pre and post op means she will be involved in all stages of preparatory and rehabilitative patient care. Here is Paige applying cold therapy to cruciate repair patient Ruby pre-discharge to reduce pain and inflammation and improve recovery time. And giving cuddles too!

Paige is interested in pain management in general, pet osteoarthritis and therapies, physio and massage techniques to improve pet quality of life. We’re delighted Paige has taken on the role of Pain Management Supervisor in practice and we look forward to her passing on her knowledge in this field to you and your pets!

Categories: News
Published: 17, May, 2023