Becky was brought to the surgery because she had lost her appetite and was very subdued and weak. She had blood tests which showed a high white blood cell count, consistent with an infection. Becky then developed a purulent (pus) discharge from her vulva which indicated an infection in her uterus (womb), known as pyometra (literally meaning pus in the womb). Becky had deteriorated rapidly and required an urgent ovariohysterectomy (surgery to remove her womb and ovaries).

Becky had the necessary surgery that night, after evening consultations had finished, and was kept in overnight on a drip. She recovered from her surgery extremely well and went home the following day, having already regained her appetite.

Pyometra is a potentially fatal, common condition of middle-aged to older bitches that have not been spayed (neutered). It is one of the reasons that we recommend spaying non-breeding bitches at a young age.