This is beautiful Charlie who was in at 387 Vets last week, and looks all set for Christmas with her very cute Christmas cuddly hedgehog!

If you are still looking for some purrrrrfect cat presents or some doggy gift inspiration, fear not! For today’s advent window (14th December), we have some pet present ideas for you! Read on . . .

The following are available from 387 Vets – while stocks last!

  • Boa ‘chase and pounce’ cat teaser
  • Elf leg jingling cat toy
  • Catnip crinkle mice
  • Kong cat laser
  • Cat cork and feather toy
  • ‘Kong Connects’ cat dangle toy – attaches to nearly everything!
  • Christmas-themed dog teddies
  • Rope caterpillar dog toy
  • Kong floppy knot bunny dog toy
  • Tug rings and hearts

See our Christmas stand by reception for more ideas. Prices range from £1 to £8.99.

Find more inspiration online in the Telegraph’s 15 of the best Christmas gifts for cats, dogs and other pets, or try the Huffington Posts’ The Best Pets’ Christmas Presents for Dogs, Cats , Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

Good luck with your pet Christmas shopping!

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Published: 14, Dec, 2018