Plea for dog leads and collars

Last Spring, many of you very kindly donated dog leads and collars for one of our clients to take out to a charity pet rescue centre in Spain. Sandra found her experience so rewarding, she will be volunteering again at Paws Patas this April to help look after dogs in the charity’s care.

Sandra is hoping to take out a suitcase filled with canine accessories the charity desperately need. If you have any spare dog leads or collars that you are happy to donate, Sandra would be incredibly grateful. We have a collection basket in reception which will be here until just before Easter when Sandra will come and collect.

Paws Patas aims to reduce the number of abandoned or stray cats and dogs on the streets and find them permanent homes, as well as running a neutering programme and helping to educate people about pet welfare.

To find out more about the charity, visit the Patas Paws website

Categories: News
Published: 25, Mar, 2019