Please don’t touch . . .

Spring is definitely in the air, and it’s that lovely time of year full of new plant life and baby animals.

The RSPCA are asking that if you see a baby bird or baby animal in the wild that appears to be unattended, please don’t touch. The baby’s parents are likely to be nearby watching and waiting for you to go so that they can usher their young to safety.

If you are concerned that a baby may be orphaned, the RSPCA recommend you watch for a while to check this is the case before intervening. Visit the wildlife section under the Advice & Welfare tab on the RSPCA’s website for best course of action depending on the type of orphaned wildlife you have found.

If you spot an injured animal or bird, check first to see how badly hurt it is. If it is a bird or hedgehog or something small that is easy to trap in a box, if you can, please take it to a nearby vet or rescue centre. Do phone ahead first though to make sure their can accommodate the injured creature.

Remember, wild animals can scratch and bite when frightened. See the RSPCA’s ‘What to do with injured animals’ section on their website for  best advice. There is a big list of British wildlife the RSPCA recommend you do not handle. Please check! For these animals – or if in any doubt – you should keep a safe distance and call the RSPCA for help.

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Published: 16, Apr, 2018