Prompt action helps Pebbles

Poor Pebbles came straight down to see us as an emergency as her owner noticed she’d found a fat ball for birds while out on a dog walk and had eaten most of it before it could be retrieved. We made the 1 year old miniature English bull terrier sick as the high fat content of the ball could have led to Pebbles developing pancreatitis.

Pebbles’ owner did exactly the right thing ringing us for immediate advice and prompt action meant we could deal with Pebbles’ condition effectively.

When the practice is closed, as well as using our out of hours service, all our clients have access to free veterinary triaging advice with VidiVet. Great for asking about pet health when you’re not really sure what to do. Text your query or concern to VidiVet and you’ll receive a video response within minutes from a fully qualified vet. As VidiVet is 24/7, you can even use it when the practice is open!

If you haven’t received your access link by e-mail yet, please get in touch!

Categories: News
Published: 16, May, 2023