Protecting our pets in cold weather

With temperatures set to stay pretty chilly until after this weekend at least, it’s important to be aware of the hazards that seasonal cold snaps can bring for our pets.

Wipe paws after pets have been outdoors to check for ice and to remove any rock salt or grit your dog (or cat!) may have picked up while out exercising. This is toxic if ingested – easily done when self-grooming. Check pads for any sores patches that the wintery weather may have created too.

Antifreeze is incredibly useful in freezing weather but the ethylene glycol it contains is unfortunately highly toxic to animals and ingesting even a small amount can kill. If using, mop up any spills immediately, store away from inquisitive noses and remember to check your car for any radiator leaks.

It’s cold outside for us, and even though our pets have furry coats, it can be cold outside for them too! Bring small furries into a garage or shed if you can (but no where too warm or they may become poorly when they go back outside), and insulate hutches with newspaper lining and extra deep bedding. Drape a duvet, bits of carpet, tarpaulin or old towels over the hutch to help prevent drafts but do leave a window for peeping out. Remember to check that your small furries have access to fresh water and that it hasn’t turned to ice! For cats, make sure the cat flap doesn’t freeze shut and leave them stranded on one side or the other. Have lots of draft-free snuggly places where your feline friend can curl up. It’s an idea to have a litter tray inside so your cat can choose whether to stay in or go out. You may even want to keep older cats indoors if it’s extra cold. And with more and more doggy jackets on the market and readily available, this could be a great Christmas present for canine companions to keep cosy warm when outdoors!

If in any doubt about your pet’s health at this time, please do give us a ring on 01922 411755.

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Published: 13, Dec, 2022