Puppy care!

We love meeting puppies at 387 Vets when they come in for their vaccination appointments! Vaccination is the best preventative care against certain important infectious diseases that are often incurable and can be fatal.

At 387 Vets, vaccination time and early puppydom is not just a quick series of injections. At first vaccination, we give puppies a full health check and a free flea and worm treatment. We’ll chat with you about socialisation and diet, and go through our puppy pack with lots of additional puppy care information for you to take away. And at second vaccination, we take time to check your puppy’s growth, to discuss diet and nutrition, neutering and the importance of socialisation – all in between lots of puppy cuddles, of course!

Thereafter, we invite puppies and puppy owners to visit us monthly at one of our 1-1 nurse-led puppy clinics until puppies reach 6 months of age. We’ll weigh your puppy, continue with socialisation advice, check worming is up to date, offer advice on treats and training, discuss toothbrushing for good doggy dental hygiene, we’ll chat about best ongoing parasite prevention for your puppy, revisit the option to neuter . . . and more!

As well as setting puppies up for a really healthy start in life, the sessions are a great socialisation opportunity, and help puppies to feel comfortable coming to the vets. Future annual booster trips and other vet visits will be much less daunting for your four-legged friend.

We’d love to meet your new puppy and help you to give them the best start in life. Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to book your puppy vaccinations and puppy cuddles here!

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Published: 13, Sep, 2019