Puppy love

We were especially delighted to see these little Boston Terrier babies for their first vaccinations last week. Their mum Poppy had started to give birth naturally, but when one of the babies got stuck in the birth canal she needed a little help from us and was admitted for a caesarian section to deliver the remaining puppies. Here are Poppy’s six beautiful puppies all soon to embark on their life journey with new owners and new loving homes. We are sure they will make their lucky human families very happy!

Companionship is the theme this week for National Pet Month. The pet-human bond can bring huge mutual benefits. Pets can help us to feel less stressed, give us purpose, can help us stay healthy through active play and can bring us incredible joy. And in return, as responsible pet owners, we provide a safe, happy and healthy environment to help our pets to thrive. Visit National Pet Month’s Facebook page to hear Liz Ormerod of the Society of Companion Animal Studies and Jen Berezai from AdvoCATs talking about the positive impact of the human-pet bond, pet-friendly rental accommodation and the amazing benefits for older people sharing their lives with a pet. 

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Published: 8, Apr, 2022