Puzzle feeder a success!

Puzle feeder

Following on from our excellent Royal Canin weight management and nutrition training last week (and in anticipation of Hayley returning this week to run some coaching and mentoring sessions), Hamish took home one of the demo materials to test on his own dog Raisin. Raisin is a real food guzzler. The idea of giving meals in a puzzle feeder like this one is to slow down fast eaters and turn meal times into a challenging game. Dinner lasts longer, dogs are happier and healthier and working out how to get those biscuits out provides mental stimulation to relieve boredom. Instead of Raisin’s tea lasting mere seconds, Hamish timed it at around 10 minutes. And Raisin was absolutely determined to get every last biscuit out! Needless to say, Hamish is now buying one for home!