There have now been confirmed cases of VHD2 in Walsall. At 387 Vets, we also believe we may have seen potential cases of  the killer disease although this can only be proven if owners request post mortem lab tests.

If your rabbit has not been vaccinated against VHD2, we would strongly urge you to do so. Contact the practice to book your rabbit’s VHD2 vaccination. Do be aware that your rabbit’s booster for myxomatosis and VHD does not cover the VHD2 strain and a separate vaccination is required to protect against this.

VHD2 is a relatively new strain of viral haemorrhagic disease, and unfortunately often the first that owners know about their rabbits contracting the virus is that they have inexplicably died. If visible symptoms are present they can include weight loss, anorexia, jaundice and illness.

The disease is very contagious so even indoor rabbits at risk. And if you have had a rabbit that has died suddenly and you are considering introducing new rabbits, do ensure they are fully vaccinated first. VHD strains can live in the environment for many months.



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Published: 19, Jul, 2017