Rare condition makes Chase July’s Pet of the Month

Chase 1 Chase 2

Boxer dog Chase was very young when her owners noticed she was having urine problems, was wetting her bed and was also drinking more. She was still in a good general condition and was bright & lively with a good appetite. We carried out blood and urine testing to get to the root of Chase’s symptoms, and identified that she had a rare type of kidney disease that is known to affect Boxer dogs of any age. The illness, called protein-losing nephropathy, is a disease of the filter system in the kidneys, usually caused by an unexplained inflammation.

Initially this condition results in excessive amounts of protein being lost in the urine, often resulting in weight loss and potential complications of low blood protein. Sadly the disease can progress to kidney failure, even with medication.

Chase has responded very well to treatment which involves feeding her a special type of low protein diet (which protects the kidney function and actually increases blood protein by reducing protein loss). This diet is combined with a drug specifically designed to control and increase blood flow to the kidneys.

Over a year after diagnosis, two year old Chase’s disease has thankfully not progressed. She remains happy, healthy and in a lovely condition. And is just as bouncy as ever!