Reasons to be vigilant

Davey came in to see us after he got more than he expected when going for a pond dip. As Davey emerged from the water, his owner noticed a fish hook caught in poor Davey’s back left leg. His owner wasn’t able to remove the hook so brought the 3 year old in to see us. We needed to sedate Davey as the hook was so well attached that it would have been too painful to remove conscious. No lasting damage was done and we treated Davey for any potential infection too.

We normally advise, during summer months, to groom dogs after walks to check for ticks and to avoid grass awns becoming lodged in ears, paws and underbellies. However, if your dogs swims – even more appealing in this hot weather – do be aware that if there are any stray fish hooks, these can be a menace too.

Categories: News
Published: 19, Jun, 2023