Record-breaking video!

We can’t believe that our ‘How to remove a tick’ Facebook post from last summer has now been viewed by over 1.1 million people worldwide! Incredible! And that the post has had over 1.6k reactions and more than 1.1k people have shared! Our biggest Facebook post reach ever! Click here to watch our video for yourself!

A year on, and it’s a tick’s favourite time of year again. Ticks love warm and humid conditions, and can be found in woodland, grassland, parks, moorland and even in your garden if there’s lots of shrubbery and you have an active local wildlife population. All potentially areas frequented by your dog on their walks, and by inquisitive cats too!

Ticks use their front legs to hook on to a passing host, then seek a suitable patch of skin and start to feed. Left undisturbed they can feast for up to a week and engorge with blood to many times their original size – like a small, grey pea – before letting go and dropping off.

As well as being unpleasant, as they feed, ticks can pick up disease from one host and transmit to the next, including the potentially fatal bacterial infection Lyme disease. For this reason, we strongly recommend regularly using a tick treatment so that ticks die before they have a chance to pass on any infection and your pet remains healthy and fully protected.

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Published: 9, Jul, 2020