Reducing pet stress on fireworks night

It’s almost 5th November, which means this weekend is likely to be particularly popular for fireworks displays. According to the PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report for 2018, 40% of cat and owners reported their pets are frightened of fireworks. Here are a few top tips for reducing pet stress on the day:

Keep pets inside

Walk dogs early, and plan your dog’s toilet trips carefully. Close windows to block out noise, and to keep cats in. Remember to shut cat flaps and put out extra litter trays. Bring rabbits into a shed or garage and partly cover their hutch with blankets to muffle noise.

Let your pet hide

If your pet choses to take themselves off to a hiding place rather than being with people this is their way of coping, so do let them go off by themselves. Lining a familiar hiding place with old bedding can help them feel more secure. Synthetic pheromone sprays which emulate calming hormones can be applied shortly before needed to help reduce pet stress.

Muffle the sound of fireworks

Close curtains, shut outside doors and windows and keep your pets near the centre of the house. Turn on the TV or radio. Music with a repetitive beat can help mask the noise of fireworks. Check out the PDSA’s pet calming playlist.

Stay calm!

Animals can sense if you are anxious yourself or are feeling uneasy which can increase their own stress.

Avoid over-fussing

Comfort your pet as you world normally when they are feeling stressed. Over-comforting can actually make them more unsettled. 

Be patient

Remember that any unwanted behaviours your pet may be exhibiting are because they are scared. Getting cross will only increase their stress in an already frightening situation.

For more advice on supporting your pet this fireworks season, give us a ring on 01922 411755. 

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Published: 1, Nov, 2019