Tonight’s the night when we traditionally celebrate bonfire night with big bangs and spectacular fireworks. Whilst it may be fun for us, it’s not so fun for our pets. If you do have a fireworks display near you, here are a few tips to help keep pets calm tonight:

  • Walk your dog early
  • Keep pets inside. Plan dog’s toilet trips carefully and lock cat flaps to keep cats safe indoors. Don’t forget to put litter trays at normal exit points
  • Muffle the sound of fireworks: close curtains and turn on the TV or radio to mask loud bangs
  • Provide distractions: if your pet is happy to engage, introduce new toys to play with or give them a chew to treat to keep them busy
  • Give your pets a den: let your cats hide in the house where they feel safe. That may be their best way of coping. Keep dogs in the family room – ideally in the centre of the house – with familiar bedding for comfort
  • Don’t forget rabbits! Bring them in to a garage to help muffle sound and cover the sides of the cage with carpet or a towel to help block out any bright lights, provide extra deep bedding, snacks and toys to distract – and don’t forget to worm as stress can cause a flare-up of the parasite e-cuniculi
  • Feeding dogs a high carbohydrate meal in the evening can help them to feel more sleepy.
  • Keep calm: animals can easily sense if you are anxious
  • Don’t over-fuss, but do reassure. Over-fussing pets can make them more needy and less able to cope in future

387 Vets wish all your pets a safe night tonight.





Categories: News
Published: 5, Nov, 2018