Remember, remember your pets this November!

Fireworks season can be a really scary time for pets with all those loud bangs and high pitched noises. Signs that your pet is in distress can vary from whining or barking to pacing, cowering, shaking, hiding, being especially clingy or even inappropriate toileting. Now is the time to prepare with those stress-busting strategies! Come along to one of our FREE nurse-led stress management clinics for useful advice! Find out about best-selling pheromone treatments, calming food supplements, acupuncture and other anxiety-beating therapies as well as simple strategies you can start now and top tips for the day.

Is your pet microchipped? If not, why not book in to do this at the same time? Give you and your pet the best chance of being reunited should they get out and run off to hide.

Call 387 Vets on 01922 411755 and start fighting that fireworks phobia today!

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Published: 11, Oct, 2018