Rock salt and antifreeze warning

Did you know that March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month? With today’s snow and more snow and cold forecast, many of us will be using rock salt to clear drives and pathways, and the gritters have been out in force. It’s important to remember that this can be toxic to pets. Wash pets’ paws thoroughly if they’ve crossed areas that have been gritted to avoid them ingesting any rock salt if they lick their paws. This also helps protect paws from becoming irritated and sore. Brush down tails and tummies too as rock salt can flick up and become lodged in fur. This avoids any accidental ingestion if grooming. Rock salt can cause vomiting and lethargy and in severe cases, convulsions and kidney failure, so please do contact us if you are worried your pet may have ingested this.

Antifreeze is a big danger to pets. It’s extremely poisonous and even a tiny amount can, very sadly, be fatal. The taste is sweet and inviting so do be sure to store any antifreeze well away from inquisitive noses and clean up any spills immediately. Should your pet ingest any, it’s imperative you seek immediate veterinary help.

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Published: 9, Mar, 2023