RVNs of the future!

Throughout May, we’ve focused on the roles of our amazing Registered Veterinary Nurses at 387 Vets. In our final post for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month 2019, we thought it would be great to spotlight our two student veterinary nurses – our RVNs of the future! Here they tell us what motivated them to undertake a veterinary nursing diploma, where they are in their training and how they’re feeling about becoming fully fledged RVNs!


“I wanted a really rewarding and fulfilling career. I was initially interested in human nursing, but given my love of animals and the animal charity work I’ve been involved in, becoming a veterinary nurse seemed like the best of both worlds.

“I’m currently a qualified veterinary care assistant and I’ve worked and trained at the PDSA for 12 months – I officially start my qualified nursing journey this September. I like learning and expanding my knowledge, and can’t wait to get the rest of my course books in preparation.

“It’s really exciting but at the moment it all feels a bit unreal. I’ve wanted to start my nursing training for so long, but training positions are really hard to find. Becoming an RVN opens up so many opportunities and I can’t wait to start my course!”


“I’ve always been interested in animals from a young age. With a veterinary nursing career, I liked the idea of spending time with sick animals and supporting them and seeing them improve and recover. It’s such a rewarding career. Having the knowledge to be able to speak to clients and help them is really important to me too, building that relationship with owners as well as caring for their pets.

“I’ve nearly finished the first year of my veterinary nursing diploma. This year we’ve been learning a lot around anatomy and physiology as well as a wide range of practical skills. You need to be really organised and there’s quite a big workload with exams, blended learning and homework, and there’s my Nursing Progress Log (NPL) too. It’s really good as we get to learn things at college and then apply them at work.

“I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge and confidence as the course progresses. I’m really enjoying the course so far, and I’m really looking forward to becoming an RVN!”