Shock for Shaun

Shaun was enjoying a nice, fun walk when he ran into a metal stake used for tethering horses that had been left in the middle of a field. The stake pierced his flank and created a huge tear in his skin, but thankfully no deeper. In fact Shaun was trapped and couldn’t move, and his owner had to lift him off to free him. Amazingly Shaun still wanted to enjoy the rest of his walk!

His owners brought him straight to see us and we couldn’t quite believe the size of the wound. We operated on Shaun that morning to close the gap but we expected sections of the skin to die off through lack of blood supply because of the extent of skin damage. Unfortunately we were right and Shaun required a second operation 7 days later to remove the dead skin and re-close the wound.

Shaun’s wound has healed really well, better than any of us expected. And we’re very pleased he still loves coming to see us all at 387 Vets!

Shaun had a gaping hole approximately 25cm long. Photo in black in white as too graphic to display in colour.

7 days post op, as feared, stitched wound showing signs of necrosis.

Wound repaired and dead skin removed.

Wound site just 3 weeks post accident! Special medical grade Manuka honey was applied regularly to help the healing process.