Greater support for clients and students in practice

It’s the penultimate week of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. Continuing the theme of showcasing our fabulous RVNs and telling you more about the great diversity of responsibilities they carry out in practice, today’s focus is on our Registered Veterinary Nurse Sophie. Sophie started at 387 Vets in September 2015, and here she tells us how her RVN role has evolved:

“Before I came to 387 Vets, my RVN role was totally different. I worked in a veterinary hospital and my main responsibilities were working in theatre and dealing with hospitalised patients.

“Since joining 387, I’ve been much more client-facing. I have a really strong interest in canine behaviour and in 2017 I completed a 14-month diploma in behaviour management. Not only has this has helped enhance the information I give in my puppy socialisation clinics, but it’s also enabled me to expand the advice I can offer around behaviour issues such as inappropriate toileting, separation anxiety, noise phobia and car chasing and give more support to owners.

“In July 2018, I was able to fulfil my desire to have greater involvement in nurse training by becoming a clinical coach in practice. I’m currently helping to train our student nurse Meena, demonstrating nursing skills and tasks, meeting weekly to go through her blended learning assignments and online nursing progress log, resolving any problems and ensuring Meena keeps to course schedule. She is just about to finish year 1 of her diploma, has passed all her assignments and exams to date and has had really good feedback from college. It’s so fulfilling to be able to help student nurses on the road to following their dream.”

Categories: News
Published: 24, May, 2019