Spot the signs of pet diabetes

This week (8th to 14th June) is Diabetes Week in the UK – a great reason to flag up this very serious condition which can affect pets as well as people.

Insulin is essential for converting blood sugar into energy. Pets with diabetes may not be able to produce enough insulin, or their bodies don’t allow them to use the insulin they do produce properly. Without treatment, diabetic pets experience dangerously high levels of blood sugar and the complications can be life-threatening.

Spotting the symptoms of diabetes early-on is essential for helping to manage the condition effectively long-term. Warning signs your pet may be suffering from diabetes can include excessive intake of water and always seeming thirsty, urinating much more frequently, losing weight despite an increase in appetite and seeming tired and lethargic.

If your pet shows any of these signs please do give us a ring. We’re able to carry out a quick test for diabetes at the practice, and should your pet test positive, will discuss how best to manage the condition. Treatment can be administered by pet owners at home.

Knowing the signs of diabetes could be a real pet lifesaver. Stay alert!

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Published: 10, Jun, 2020