Stop fleas and ticks with our amazing summer deal!

Special summer offer on flea and tick treatments for dogs!

Buy one pack of flea and tick treatment* and get one half price! AND get a free prescription wormer too with each pack! WOW!!

Real-life fleas and ticks may not be as large as these but they can be just as invasive for your dog – and, in the case of fleas, you and your house! Stop the itch, prevent against tick-bourn diseases and keep your dog safe from organ and intestine-damaging worms. Did you know lung-worm can kill?

Call now on 01922 411755  to take advantage of our special parasite package.

These are prescription products and are therefore only available to registered animals under our care. If you are not a registered client, why not register with us and bring your dog in for a free flea check to take advantage of our offer.

Ban those pesky parasites and pick up a brilliant deal!

*Veterinary only prescription product. Offer is product-specific. Offer applies on like for like pack sizes.





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Published: 10, Jul, 2018