Superstar Scout!

A big shout out to our amazing superstar weight loss champion Scout who was in to see us this week and has reached his optimum target weight of just over 30kg! Massive congratulations! Scout started on a controlled weight loss programme with our lead nurse Cody last summer after reaching a peak weight of 37.5kg and a body condition score of 7/9. Body condition scoring (bcs) is a great way of identifying whether pets are in optimum condition as the system assesses how much fat there is in specific parts of a pet’s body rather than looking at weight alone. A dog’s optimum bcs is around 5/9 and we measured Scout at 7/9 which meant Scout was overweight and it was difficult to feel his ribs due to a layer of fat build-up.

We put Scout onto a special calorie-controlled veterinary diet and monitored his progress at monthly intervals to make any necessary adjustments to his weight loss plan. By November, Scout was down to just under 33kg, and here he is being awarded a certificate for reaching his 32kg interim target at the beginning of March!

Being in great shape is just as important for pets as it is for humans. As well as enabling pets to enjoy life to the max, it helps to mitigate the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes and avoids joints and organs being put under unnecessary strain.

We are so proud of you Scout (and your owner!) for all your hard work and dedication. We love the new you!

Categories: News
Published: 12, Apr, 2024