Supporting canine blood donation this World Blood Donor Day

Today is World Blood Donor Day which is a great opportunity for raising awareness around human blood donation, and also about canine blood donation too!

Just like people, sick and injured animals may need blood transfusions and in many cases, blood transfusions can save a pet’s life.

@PetBloodBankUK operates similarly to the human blood service with dog owners kindly bringing their dogs along to donate. The blood is then processed and stored ready to be sent out to vets when they need it for poorly dogs. Dogs like Toby who was left fighting for his life after swallowing part of a rubber toy. Toby spent a week in intensive care and needed a transfusion to help save his life. He is now back to his bouncy self and his owners are so thankful to all the dogs out there who donate blood!

To find out more or register your dog as a donor, please visit:

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Published: 14, Jun, 2018