Taking the itch out of itchy skin!

This is Toby who has been in to see Hamish recently with itchy skin. Toby has a history of reactive skin, but we had successfully managed to keep this under control with special cream and medication. Over the past couple of weeks, however, poor Toby has been really bothered by his skin again. He’s been biting and licking at his paws and legs, has red, scabby armpits and ears and has been rubbing his bottom along the ground. This flare up suggested increased exposure to his allergic stimuli or a new trigger. 

Given the time of year, it’s likely that Toby’s symptoms are from seasonal allergies. Pet allergies can strike at any time, but are particularly common in the summer when pollen count is higher and lots of vegetation (including grass) is in flower. 

We gave Toby a special anti-allergy injection, and his owner has reported an amazing improvement. Much needed relief so Toby can get back to enjoying his walks without the itch!

Incessant itching is distressing for our pets, whatever the cause. Do give us a ring on 01922 411755 if you notice your pet is itchy and let us help!

Categories: News
Published: 20, Jul, 2021