Thank you for your Christmas pet donations

The collection of pet food and goodies

Receiving a Certificate of Merit from Sunnyside Kennels

Anna Whitehouse from Rugeley Cats Society collecting donations

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our December ‘Give a Pet a Christmas Dinner’ campaign. You helped us collect an amazing 496 tins and pouches of cat and dog food and over 83kg of dry pet food to support local homeless cats and dogs.  This year, we’re sharing the donations between Sunnyside Kennels, Ravens Rescue, Rugeley Cats Society and Ashmore Rescue for Cats (ARC).

Thank you too for all the pet toys and bedding donated. Pets will love playing with all the Christmas gifts and snuggling into cosy bedding and blankets, and we hope all your fantastic contributions will help make the wait for a new loving family fly by.


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Published: 10, Jan, 2018