Thwarted tick!

Our vet Hamish was grooming his dog this week and found this dead tick by his border terrier’s eye. Yuck! Good news, though, is that it showed his dog’s tick prevention treatment is working! 

Ticks especially like warm, moist grassy undergrowth and will latch onto an unsuspecting passing host, which could be your dog or cat. Deer, wildlife and grazing animals are great hosts, so parks, meadows and woodlands can all be prime tick territory. Once attached to a host, a tick will feed on the host’s blood until they swell and are eventually satiated. Unpleasant in itself, worse still is that during feeding, ticks can transmit potentially serious diseases.

Make sure your pet is safe from the terror of the tick! Give us a ring on 01922 411755 to ask about best preventative treatment. Not all parasite treatments are the same! Ask us too about our new postal delivery service.

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Categories: News
Published: 31, Jul, 2019