Trip down memory lane


We had an amazing visit last week – not from a pet owner but from a gentleman who used to live at 387 Walsall Road – now 387 Veterinary Centre – over 60 years ago. Mr Bakewell was on his way back to London and thought he would pop by to see his old house. He was particularly pleased to see the privet hedge still flourishing in the practice’s back garden! We were really interested to receive this photo from Mr Bakewell a few days after his visit. The picture, taken around 1950, shows him standing in front of 387 Walsall Road when the house was still known as Adaley after its first owners Ada and Lesley. Although the building has been extended and modernised, if you look at the front of the practice, you can still pick out the original house, especially the first floor where the cat ward and admin offices now are.