Unexpected find!

Poor Bobby wasn’t feeling well and had become lethargic and slow to eat. She had stopped going to the loo completely, which is never a good sign in rabbits. We could feel a mass in her tummy, and on carrying out an ultrasound scan, could identify a mass. We were unsure what we would find, but felt surgery was Bobby’s best option for recovery.

We were very surprised at what we found when we took Bobby into theatre! Bobby had a huge, completely spherical abscess inside her – see the photo. No wonder she felt so poorly. Abscesses are filled with pus, and if they leak internally, can lead to sepsis. The mass weighed an unbelievable 272 grams. That was 11% of her body weight!

Here’s a photo of Bobby in for a post op check with Emma this week. We’re delighted that she is doing brilliantly after her unexpected ordeal!

Categories: News
Published: 16, Dec, 2021