Walking in a winter wonderland!

It’s been a truly wintery weekend with all the snowfall leading to a dramatic change in the landscape on dog walking routes. How have your pets have responded to the wintery weather? Loving embracing a new experience? Or a little unsure about the snow? We’d love to see your photos! This is our vet Hamish’s Border Terrier at the start of his dog walk yesterday, totally unfazed by the snow!

To ensure our four legged friends get the most enjoyment from their walks at this time, if your route takes you across snowy fields, it’s worth checking paws for ice balls which can build up between the pads and toes of the feet and can be really painful. You can help prevent these by trimming the hair around your dog’s feet. And if your walk takes you along salted pavements, wash your dog’s paws when you get home as the salt and grit can irritate their pads.

Happy winter wonderland walking!

Categories: News
Published: 25, Jan, 2021