What’s behind our first advent calendar window?

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


It’s 1st December, and many of us will be putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend. So for our first advent window, which covers today and tomorrow, here are a couple of pointers to protect playful cats, dogs and house rabbits from naughty nibbling and potential Christmas decoration disaster!

• Living trees

These certainly add to the magic of Christmas, but pine needles can be troublesome for pets. Fir tree oils can be mildly toxic and cause tummy upset if ingested and the sharp needles can get stuck in paws, or if your pet is a chewer, potentially even mouths and throats. Regularly sweep up needles and keep pets out of the room when you go out to help avoid accidents.

Dangling decorations

Ooooh! Tempting! Tree ornaments, trailing tinsel and sparkly decorations can all look like an irresistible play opportunity for pets. If knocked onto the floor these can become a potential pet hazard: broken decorations can cause cuts and injury; chocolate decorations are poisonous to pets and small ornaments could easily be swallowed. Decorate thoughtfully to avoid an unwanted trip to the vets!

Light fantastic

Fairy lights transform the everyday into something magical. However, make sure to put out of nibbling range. Always turn lights off if leaving your pet unattended.

Check out ‘Familes Pet-Proof their Christmas Trees’ on the Mail Online for some funny photos of Christmas decoration protection in the extreme!

Visit us again on Monday to find our what’s behind 3rd December’s advent calendar window . . .


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Published: 1, Dec, 2018