Winter warmers

With the recent drop in temperature, we’ve seen a real variety of doggy coats and jumpers on pet visits to the vets. Here is 12 year old cocker spaniel Alfie sporting a fabulous Christmas pudding jumper. We love the Christmas theme! And 6 month old French Bulldog Lola is looking lovely and cosy in her fleecy lined winter jacket.

Coats offer a welcome extra layer, especially for dog breeds that are particularly susceptible to the cold such as whippets and greyhounds with their lean frames and short hair. Older pets will also benefit from a winter coat as the chilly weather can exacerbate arthritic pain. An extra protective layer keeps slower movers cosy and makes winter walks all the more enjoyable for our doggy senior citizens.

We look forward to seeing more winter coats in the coming months!

Categories: News
Published: 28, Nov, 2023