Would you like to know your cat better?

How well do you think you know your cat? Would you like to find out? International Cat Care are running an online course for owners and feline enthusiasts, ‘Getting to know your cat: An introduction to feline behaviour’, to help understanding around why our cats behave the way they do and how we can best support their needs.

The £99 course covers: behavioural evolution of the cat to domesticity so we can better understand what makes cats tick; how cats use their senses to communicate, to improve interaction with our feline friend; understanding cat emotions to help us assess our cat’s welfare; how to create a cat friendly environment and minimise feline stress at home and understanding behavioural problems and how to prevent them.

Progress through the modules at your own pace (within 6 months of download) by passing the mini quizzes at the end of each unit.

Click here for more information about the course and to start your journey to greater feline behaviour enlightenment!

Categories: News
Published: 25, Sep, 2020