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Here is what some of our clients have said about us:

In February 2013, Peter B said:

387 Vets really goes that extra mile and the care of your much loved pets is their primary concern. Hamish and his team remember the names of your pets and make a point of taking a personal interest in their well being. I moved my 2 labs over to 387 on strong recommendation and I can honestly recommend them to all animal lovers. Thank you 387 for all you have done for my girls.

In February 2013, Nicola M said:

Excelllent care for all my pets. Such a friendly place – know they will always take care of them

In February 2013, Nick L said:

It is a local, convenient, friendly vets that provide an excellent service!

In February 2013, Emily B said:

I love them because they look after my cat even when she bites the vet! Thanks

In February 2013, Graham C said:

Everybody is very friendly and helpful. We have really appreciated the work of all the vets in saving our dog’s eye through a number of operations. Thank you so much

In February 2013, Julie O said:

They have looked after Whisper and Blade so well. Always reassuring me even when they have been quite poorly. Thank you! 🙂

In February 2013, Angie T said:

Very friendly service. Use for pregnancy scanning. Very accurate. Would recommend.

In February 2013, Tracey C said:

They took extra care of my cat and is always there is an emergency and Hamish is a lovely kind thoughtful vet.

In February 2013, Craig N said:

They take good care of my precious dog and the staff are also friendly and helpful.

In February 2013, Janet P said:

I love them because they listen to what I am saying, great with my rabbits, I know they are in good hands.

In February 2013, Jo C said:

I can always get an appointment easily. The staff and vets are very understanding and knowledgeable. Very reasonably priced too!

In February 2013, B A T said:

Always excellent with our animals. I fully recommend our vets to anyone. Thanks.

In February 2013, Juile G said:

I would have now hesitation in recommending 387 Vets to anyone. No job is too small. Hamish is a great vet and looks after his patients well, including putting their owners at ease. The staff at 387 always greet you with a smile and I feel confident that when I ring any query big or small is dealt with competently. I have 12 cats and all are looked after by 387. The centre is modern and up to date and is not at all daunting.

In February 2013, Laura C said:

We tried a few vets before 387 and the others cannot compare, we have had quite a few problems with our St Bernard and he has been seen a lot over the past few months, if we need an appointment we can get one on the same day.Everyone we see when we visit, vets/nurses/receptionists are all outstanding, they can’t do enough for you and are very caring, Bruno is always treated like celebrity! Thank you 387 vets!

In February 2013, emma m said:

This vets is a local business in Great Wyrley with very friendly staff, available 24/7. Also they are very up to date as they are friends on Facebook, which keeps us up to date with pet care, pet of the month and interesting cases that come into the surgery. I personally have had to call out the vet of a weekend, and have my cat treated and stay at the vets overnight. I had updates regularly from Hamish personally, which is a big relief to a loving pet owner. I would recommend this vets to all friends.

In February 2013, Diane T said:

I love 387 Vets because they care about us and also our pets,I would recommend.

In February 2013, Wesley C said:

387 are very professional and they work in a fantastic manner and always help my dog Bruno every time he is unwell.

In February 2013, Diane L said:

Service has always been excellent and informative whenever we have been. Would recommend.

In February 2013, Gwen R said:

They are a very caring and excellent vets who we can put our trust in to help our pets.

In February 2013, Nicki W said:

I can always get an appointment, staff are friendly and put my dog at ease.

In February 2013, Mrs H said:

They are very helpful and are always kind to your pets and always have time for you. Doesn’t matter how big or small your animal is. They care.

In February 2013, Mike F said:

I love them because they look after the dogs ever so much. From Flint and the Fleetwoods, thank you!

In February 2013, Anne S said:

I love them because only the best will do when it comes to our four legged family member.

In February 2013, Pam M said:

I love 387 Veterinary Centre because they are always there with a friendly face.

In February 2013, Karen M said:

I love them because of the care and consideration that is taken with my pets.

In February 2013, Debra J said:

They are amazing with both the animals in their care and the owners. We have had remarkable treatment for our cat when he was shot.

In February 2013, Helen M said:

They are reliable, helpful, knowledgable and trustworthy. They care for your animals exceptionally and do whatever they can to help when you are sometimes in a very vulnerable position. They deserve all the praise that they get. Keep up the good work Hamish and all the Nurses. Best wishes Helen

In February 2013, Erin E said:

Just brilliant. The best vets I have ever used. Every member of staff is friendly and professional, Hamish is fantastic. I wouldn’t take my beloved cats anywhere else.. and an excellent price.

In February 2013, Dawn B said:

This is the most caring veterinary surgery that anyone could wish to take their animals to. Hamish and the team get to know you and your pets therefore putting you at ease when attending the surgery. They handle your animals with respect and dignity and keep you informed every step of the way when your pet requires treatment. I would recommend them to anyone and felt confident and full of trust in them when I had to recently leave my totally doted on Yorkshire terrier (Millie) for an over night stay. Fortunately for me, my pet was insured, they were amazing with the help they gave sorting out the claims forms etc and believe me, I had quite a few as my Millie was reaching end of life. Sadly Millie lost her fight for life on 23.12.2012. Hamish and his team were so kind to us, a big thank you to Nicky who let me sob in her arms, we received a condolence card in the post, such a nice personal touch. I will definitely use them again when I’m feeling strong enough to adopt another Yorkie puppy. Keep up your amazing work Hamish and please don’t move on from Great Wyrley as the animals from our village and surrounding areas would miss you immensely.

In February 2013, Shayne D said:

Hamish looked after my charlie in his last few days and is the best vet I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

In February 2013, deborah c said:

They care about my pets as much as I do. Hamish is a brilliant vet. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

In February 2013, Andrew W said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because the caring and compassion they show to my dogs is second to none.

In February 2013, Anita S said:

Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. Being a client there is like being part of a big family and everyone there cares as much about my pets as I do.

In February 2013, Jody R said:

No matter whats wrong with my dog they vets in practice here always have an answer, luckily my dog has never had too big a problem but he caught mainge from the foxes where we walk an hamish was able to supply medication that cleared him right up, but no only are they really helpful and friendly, they are also quite cheap and for a full time student money can be an issue. Would recommend to anyone!

In January 2013, Alison C said:

387 Vets provide excellent care for our dog and I have recommended them to friends and family.

In January 2013, Katie H said:

The staff are always helpful and happy. Hamish always explains everything to you and he saved my cat’s life when she ate some netting.

In January 2013, Jane W said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because they are excellent and friendly. Great ! ! !

In January 2013, Jean B said:

I would recommend 387 Vets to others because I am very happy. Good ! ! ! ! ! ! !

In January 2013, Lisa M said:

I have been very happy with the service and attention you have given my Bruno and he likes the vets so we are happy with them.

In January 2013, Jane M said:

Always had excellent care for all of our dogs. Would never go anywhere else.

In January 2013, Roger P said:

We have been very happy with our experience with 387 for our four cats ! ! !

In January 2013, Jane H said:

I would recommend 387 Veterinary practice because of the good and friendly service.

In January 2013, Julian S said:

Easy to recommend the 387 practice. Service is always friendly. Hamish is first class, easy to talk to.

In January 2013, Carol R said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because the service is always excellent at this practice. Very friendly staff.

In January 2013, Jody R said:

387 Vets has been a real lifesaver. As a student I haven’t got a great deal of cash but no matter how many times I come I never struggle. Makes me and my dog happy.

In January 2013, Jean S said:

A kind and considerate service. Always friendly and willing to help in all circumstances.

In January 2013, Lucy W said:

387 Veterinary Centre is the most caring team we have ever come across. There is a real family feel to every visit and what proves it is the fact both our cat Gin and dog Loco love all the staff and are happy to visit.

In January 2013, Eileen T said:

Our puppy Honey is nearly 6 months old and the few times we have visited I can only say the service is excellent, kind and caring.

In January 2013, Jackie K said:

Always very polite and answer telephone promptly. Never have to wait too long for an appointment. Very friendly and polite.

In January 2013, Benson C said:

I am very pleased with the service and I find the staff at 387 very helpful.

In January 2013, Eleanor S said:

387 Vets have given us fantastic service over the past few years. Brilliant, friendly staff.

In January 2013, Keith H said:

Always first class service for your pet off all staff. Genuine concern for pets and owners. Will recommend this practice to family and friends.

In January 2013, Val G said:

Always happy with the service provided. Friendly staff and a convenient location ! ! ! !

In January 2013, Steph F said:

Each time we’ve visited the practice everyone has been very helpful and have done their very best to to make sure we’ve been seen quickly.

In January 2013, Kath F said:

387 Vets is so helpful and caring. Wonderful. Can’t say nothing bad at all.

In January 2013, P T said:

Excellent service and care. Could not get any better. Thank you 387 Veterinary Centre.

In January 2013, Christine H said:

Alfie has had a lot of eye problems and the kindness and treatment he has had is excellent.

In January 2013, Christine H said:

Alfie has had a lot of eye problems and the kindness and treatment he has had is excellent.

In January 2013, Yvonne R said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because the service received was excellent. Always helpful and polite.

In January 2013, Michelle K said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because they have seen us very quickly. Great service!

In January 2013, Debra M said:

Professional service, courteous staff. Appointments readily available. Clean environment. Great service.

In January 2013, Samantha P said:

Brilliant, friendly service. Very professional always with a smile. Highly recommended. Great service and prices.

In January 2013, Margaret C said:

We have always had excellent attention from both Hamish and staff. Would highly recommend this practice.

In January 2013, Josie H said:

The service is very good and staff and vets are welcoming. They take good care of your animals from small to large.

In January 2013, Tom L said:

Excellent veterinary practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending to any pet owner.

In January 2013, Louise R said:

I would recommend 387 Vets for the excellent and friendly service. Can’t do enough to help.

In January 2013, Sharon M said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because it is such a good, caring vets ! ! ! ! !

In January 2013, Michelle A said:

Our experiences are always good. We have comfort in the knowledge and care of the vets we see. I would recommend to all, in fact recently one of my friends changed to come here.

In January 2013, David C said:

Excellent caring staff. Can trust the vets fully and at a competitive price. Would not go anywhere else.

In January 2013, Andy W said:

I would recommend 387 Veterinary Centre in Walsall to other people ! ! ! ! !

In January 2013, Wendy K said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because they are always friendly and very helpful 🙂

In January 2013, Kirsty W said:

I find the staff are very friendly and are always very helpful and always take really good care of my pets.

In January 2013, Mel G said:

All staff are very friendly. Everything is explained to you. My dog loves to come here. I’ve recommended 387 to lots of other people.

In January 2013, Pauline P said:

We have found the vet and the nurses at 387 Vets to be very friendly and helpful.

In January 2013, Carol B said:

387 Vets provide an excellent service. I would not hesitate a recommendation.

In January 2013, Sandra S said:

Always fantastic service. Kind, helpful and always there when needed. Thank you !!!

In January 2013, Marianne E said:

I would recommend 387 Vets to anyone and all my customers have been given their number. Fantastic staff, helpful, friendly. Brilliant.

In January 2013, Michael T said:

Friendly, quick appointments. Thorough and very professional and informative.

In January 2013, Rose D said:

I would recommend 387 Vets as I cannot fault any part of the service that we have here. It is great.

In January 2013, Clifford H said:

I would recommend 387 Vets because they are very responsive to requests for information and appointments.

In January 2013, Joanna N said:

Fantastic service the minute you walk through the door. Nothing is too much trouble.

In January 2013, Sophie A said:

We have always received a good service and they have always been kind and caring towards the animals. I would definitely recommend for everyone.

In January 2013, Sarah f said:

Excellent service as always. All the staff really helpful and looked after our dog Dexter.

In January 2013, Sarah D said:

I am very pleased with the service Hamish has given to all my pets. I would not use another practice again.

In January 2013, Rob E said:

Excellent service all round. Thanks to all staff. Always recommend to family and friends.

In January 2013, Lisa S said:

387 Vets have always been very helpful, very friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble. They are an excellent vets. Highly recommended.

In January 2013, Michael M said:

Good honest advice whenever we have taken any of our pets to see Hamish 🙂

In January 2013, Sharon B said:

Everyone so kind, puts you at ease. Wouldn’t be without them. Recommend to all friends.

In January 2013, Jeanette B said:

Everyone at 387 Vets are very friendly and helpful. Hamish has always got time for you and your pet.

In January 2013, Donna F said:

Always caring and professional. I would recommend 387 Vets and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

In January 2013, Joy S said:

Wonderful vet! Superb service and really kind to Barney, my dog. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

In January 2013, Theresa J said:

I would recommend to a friend. Do a really good job of looking after your pets for you. Very pleased.

In January 2013, Emma P said:

I would recommend 387 Veterinary Centre because of the good service ! ! ! ! !

In January 2013, Suzanne A said:

I would recommend 387 Veterinary Centre to others as I am very happy with the service.

In January 2013, Julie O said:

Professional and friendly service and confident my dog Oscar will be cared for in the best way possible.

In January 2013, Jennie P said:

Fantastic vets, care about the animals instead of their bank balance. Always friendly and inviting.

In January 2013, Doreen M said:

I have been coming to Hamish at 387 Vets since you opened with my 4 cats. I have nothing but praise for your very caring ways and your wonderful team.

In January 2013, Jayne W said:

Friendly helpful staff. Always put my dog first in any treatment they give to make sure it’s right for him. BRILLIANT!