387 Veterinary Centre has partnered up with VidiVet to offer our clients access to FREE digital veterinary support 24/7, even on bank holidays!

VidiVet is just like NHS 111, except it’s a triaging service specifically for pets! If you’re not sure what to do or what medical support your pet needs, use the VidiVet app to receive a personalised video response from a qualified vet within minutes.

  • Wondering whether your pet needs to see one of the 387 team and how urgently?
  • Debating whether your pet’s symptoms warrant a visit to an emergency vet when we’re closed?
  • In need a bit of extra advice around administering medications?
VidiVet 247 Online Advice

Get Expert Vet Advice Anytime, Anywhere with VidiVet

VidiVet gives you prompt peace of mind to queries like these. Text, video message or send a photo via the VidiVet app and a fully qualified vet with over 5 years’ experience will get back to you directly with video advice.

VidiVet can save you money. Maybe the best course of recommended action is close monitoring at home instead of seeing a vet. Or perhaps your pet’s condition isn’t the emergency you feared it might be, and you can book a standard appointment with us during practice opening hours instead of paying out of hours fees.

If VidiVet do think your pet needs to be seen, they will give you an idea of what to expect when you come in to practice and a heads up on any tests we might want to run.

We believe VidiVet is such a great triaging service that 387 Vets is fully funding the facility for all our clients. It is completely free to you, there are no limits to the number of calls or chats you make and as it’s available 24/7, you have easy access to a vet at all times, day and night.

All 387 clients should receive a text or e-mail with a link to access the VidiVet service. If you’ve lost it, or have yet to receive your link, please just let us know.

VidiVet Testimonials