Baby guinea pigs!

These adorable babies came in with their mum today for a health check and we just had to take a photo – and have lots of cuddles! Can you believe…

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Published: 15, Aug, 2019

Dressed for the weather!

This is Loki who came to visit us this morning wearing her Thundershirt. Loki gets very agitated if there is thunder: her heart races and she darts about looking for…

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Published: 14, Aug, 2019

Join the Generation Pup community!

This is gorgeous springer puppy Florry who was in at 387 Vets recently for her puppy vaccinations. Florry is particularly special as she is contributing to ‘Generation Pup’, the first…

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Published: 13, Aug, 2019

Doggy blood donors needed! Can you help?

A huge thank you to all the doggy heroes who came to the July Pet Blood Bank session at 387 Vets. 13 dogs attended and the Pet Blood Bank team…

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Published: 7, Aug, 2019

How to remove a tick

Following on from our last post about ticks and tick prevention, we thought it would be useful to explain how to remove a tick should you find one on your…

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Published: 5, Aug, 2019

Thwarted tick!

Our vet Hamish was grooming his dog this week and found this dead tick by his border terrier’s eye. Yuck! Good news, though, is that it showed his dog’s tick…

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Published: 31, Jul, 2019


We’re in the heart of fly strike season for rabbits. It’s official. Information gained from a UK-wide survey carried out by researchers at The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET)…

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Published: 25, Jul, 2019

Mind the heat!

Summer is here! Lovely to be out in the sunshine and to feel those warm rays, but time to be more mindful about walking our four legged friends, as heat…

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Published: 23, Jul, 2019

Grass seed season

We’ve seen several dogs in practice with painful paws and ears, where grass seeds have penetrated under the skin. Be mindful that if your dog appears to have sore feet,…

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Published: 16, Jul, 2019

Even bigger!

We don’t see a huge number of Great Danes in practice, so it’s been amazing seeing two in the same week. Cooper was in this morning and is even bigger…

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Published: 12, Jul, 2019

Huge Hudson!

This is Great Dane Hudson who was in yesterday at 387 Vets for neutering. We just had to take a photo as the gorgeous one year old was so big…

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Published: 10, Jul, 2019