It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

20th February is National Love Your Pet Day! Out pets love spending time with us, and today is the perfect opportunity to set aside some special extra time together to…

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Published: 20, Feb, 2019

Lungworm alarm for puppy Peg

This is little Peg, our February Pet of the Month, who is thankfully all better after a life-threatening lungworm scare. Read Peg’s story below, and find out how you can…

Remarkable story!

This little girl was brought in this morning and has a remarkable break out story! A couple had heard scratching in their cavity wall and decided to break through the…

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Published: 15, Feb, 2019

Share the love!

Happy Happy Valentines Day to you and your pets! As February is the month of love, we thought it would be a great opportunity to raise awareness about Pet Blood…

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Published: 14, Feb, 2019

Notice anything new?

Anyone who has been into the practice this week may have noticed that the clinical team have been looking a little different. Last month we placed an order for new…

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Published: 13, Feb, 2019

The world’s largest lap dog?!

This is Hamish on a house visit to see the amazing Finny! When Hamish first met the Irish Wolfhound as a puppy, he joked with Finny’s owners that they definitely…

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Published: 7, Feb, 2019

Vets of the Year 2019!

We are delighted to announce that 387 Veterinary Centre are officially Vets of the Year 2019 in the best of‘s annual Business of the Year Awards! This makes it the…

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Published: 4, Feb, 2019

New ‘pen’ for safe and speedy wart removal

Warts and small benign growths can be unsightly and irritating, and can cause pets to bite and scratch at them, even to the point where they bleed. 387 Vets have…

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Published: 30, Jan, 2019

Only 3 days to go …

The best of’s Business of the Year 2019 competition is nearly at a close! Tomorrow is the last day we will be accepting review postcards for this year’s competition. Huge…

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Published: 29, Jan, 2019

Thank you for your donations!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our ‘Give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign in December. We were once again overwhelmed by your amazing kindness, and we…

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Published: 25, Jan, 2019

All wrapped up

This is 9 week old chihuahua Willow who came in to see us yesterday for her first vaccination appointment all dressed up to protect against the snow. This little jacket…

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Published: 24, Jan, 2019
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A snuggle of guinea pigs

These gorgeous guinea pigs came in to see us yesterday. Can you spot the six babies alongside the two mummies? One batch of babies was born a week ago, and…

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Published: 16, Jan, 2019