387 Vets launch video consulting service

Watch our video about our new video consulting service. Given the current climate, we’ve set up a video consulting service so that we can now examine your pet remotely without…

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Published: 26, Mar, 2020

387 Vets is open

At this difficult and worrying time, we just want to let you know that 387 Vets is still open during our normal hours to see poorly pets and to give…

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Published: 24, Mar, 2020

A first for us!

For our Feline Friday focus this week, we’re delighted to give a big shout out to Meg who came in to see us last Friday. The three year old is…

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Published: 20, Mar, 2020

Can my pet catch Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We’ve received a few queries from clients asking whether pets can catch COVID-19. The virus is most commonly passed from person to person by people coughing or sneezing. Whilst there’s…

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Published: 18, Mar, 2020

Happy cuteness!

Some happy loveliness for a Tuesday morning in a worrying world at the moment. This is gorgeous Remi who was in last week for surgery. Remi came with his pal…

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Published: 17, Mar, 2020
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Coronavirus update

With the ever-changing news around COVID-19, we are continually implementing new measures to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus to you and our 387 team. In support…

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Published: 16, Mar, 2020

Jodie and Hamish are at cat congress!

With today being our feline Friday feature day, it’s really appropriate that Jodie and Hamish are in Oxfordshire at the International Society of Feline Medicine’s UK Congress! The 2-day congress…

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Published: 13, Mar, 2020

Extra measures

In response to the news around Coronavirus, please be assured that we take the welfare our clients very seriously and we are therefore being even more rigorous around regularly cleaning…

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Published: 12, Mar, 2020

Supporting British Science Week!

It’s British Science Week from 6th to 15th March. With science being key to a veterinary medicine qualification, our vet Sam has been invited to Moat Hall Primary School in…

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Published: 11, Mar, 2020

Quick action makes Tucker better!

Poor Tucker was brought straight in to see us after swallowing a plastic bag while out on a dog walk. The contents of the bag were unknown but Tucker’s companion…

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Published: 9, Mar, 2020

Sharing the love

Spotted Bengal Vinnie is the focus of our feline Friday post this week, but not just for being absolutely gorgeous! The four year old has been at 387 Vets to…

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Published: 6, Mar, 2020

387 Vets’ Spring Newsletter!

387 Vets’ Spring 2020 newsletter is now available online! Features include our new dedicated cat clinic build, a day in the life of an in-patient, stories on our newest team…