Looking very smart!

We don’t see many African pygmy hedgehogs at 387 Vets, so it was a real treat when Reggie came in to visit us on Friday. The two year old was…

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Published: 18, Jun, 2019

Sign your dog up to be a lifesaver!

Meet Yogi! Last year, Yogi helped to save the lives of up to 20 other dogs. He’s not a police dog, a special forces dog or a rescue dog. He’s…

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Published: 14, Jun, 2019

Bedraggled visitor

We had an unusual visitor yesterday! This kestrel was brought in by a passer-by, having been found by the side of the road looking very wet and bedraggled from the…

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Published: 13, Jun, 2019

Is your rabbit fully vaccinated?

This is adorable 11 week old bunny Flash who has been in to 387 Vets to be vaccinated against rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease 2 (RVHD2). Raising awareness around RVHD2 has…

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Published: 12, Jun, 2019

Tiny problem a big pain

This is Scrappy who came in to see us on Saturday as he had been limping from a sore paw. Scrappy’s owner had spotted a tiny puncture wound, and his…

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Published: 11, Jun, 2019

Good luck Carole!

It was a sad day yesterday at 387 Vets, as we said goodbye to our vet Carole, who leaves to take up a position closer to her new home in…

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Published: 6, Jun, 2019

Milo is a wellbeing champion!

A big hello to Milo who is looking very smart in his new harness and lead! Milo has recently been registered as an Emotional Support Dog with the Emotional Support…

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Published: 4, Jun, 2019

Make sure your rabbit is protected against RVHD2

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) from 1st – 9th June, and this year’s theme is raising awareness about Rabbit Viral Haemhorragic Disease 2 (RVHD2). RVHD2 is a relatively new strain…

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Published: 3, Jun, 2019

RVNs of the future!

Throughout May, we’ve focused on the roles of our amazing Registered Veterinary Nurses at 387 Vets. In our final post for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month 2019, we thought it would…

What a cutie!

We don’t often see ferrets at 387 Vets, so when one year old Poppy came in it was a little bit like having a celebrity in the practice! This is…

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Published: 30, May, 2019

New kitten socialisation clinics at 387 Vets!

New experiences can be scary for kittens! How kittens respond will be partly down to the personalities of their mum and dad. However, the development of their behaviour is also…

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Published: 28, May, 2019

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

It’s a bank holiday weekend so fingers crossed for great weather! We hope your pets have a happy and healthy long weekend. 387 Vets will be closed on Bank Holiday…

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Published: 25, May, 2019