New Veterinary Nurse at 387 Vets!

A big welcome to Renée Hopwood, who becomes the fifth member of our qualified nursing team at 387 Vets alongside Amy, Sharon, Sophie and Jodie. Renée qualified as a registered…

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Published: 15, Nov, 2019

Birthday celebrations!

Today is our birthday! And in true 387 style, we have been celebrating at coffee time with cakes! It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since we first opened…

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Published: 12, Nov, 2019

Special offer to help pets get back on vaccination track.

Vaccination is essential to protect our pets from a range of potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. Worryingly, however, an 18% decline has been identified since 2017 in the number kittens, puppies…

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Published: 11, Nov, 2019

Puppy love

It was a lovely treat to meet these five 8 week old Yorkshire terrier puppies who were in for their first vaccinations and microchipping with Sam. Poppy, Ziggy, Blue, Missy…

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Published: 7, Nov, 2019

Little survivor!

This tiny kitten is a real survivor! Her now human mum had been leaving food out for a feral cat at her stables, and about 10 days ago, the feral…

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Published: 5, Nov, 2019

Reducing pet stress on fireworks night

It’s almost 5th November, which means this weekend is likely to be particularly popular for fireworks displays. According to the PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report for 2018, 40% of cat…

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Published: 1, Nov, 2019

Morning visitor!

A special hello to little Mabel, who is currently a regular visitor to 387 Vets! Mabel has been popping in recently on her morning walks when she’s been passing the…

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Published: 31, Oct, 2019

Could your pet have arthritis?

With October recognising National Arthritis Week for people, we thought it would be a great opportunity to raise awareness about the condition in pets. Canine Arthritis Management state that 1…

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Published: 27, Oct, 2019

Getting into the Halloween spirit!

This is gorgeous bull mastiff Bruce who came into 387 Vets last week wearing a Halloween collar-chief. As well as being decorated with seasonal pumpkins, we also noticed the writing…

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Published: 21, Oct, 2019

25% off Royal Canin food!

For a limited time only, get 25% off selected products from Royal Canin’s Veterinary Care Nutrition range, 1.5kg and above, when you purchase from 387 Vets. The offer is subject…

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Published: 18, Oct, 2019

Senior citizen!

This is Thumper the rabbit who came in to see Hamish this morning and is an amazing 13 and a half years old! Thumper’s diet and lifestyle obviously agree with…

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Published: 14, Oct, 2019