Keeping cats safe

For this week’s Feline Friday post, we’re flagging up International Cat Care’s ‘Keeping Cats Safe’ focus for September which is ‘Cats and Paracetamol’. Paracetamol is a mild analgesic that can…

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Published: 18, Sep, 2020

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing patience while we get used to our new practice management system. We went live yesterday, are still going through implementation, and are all on…

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Published: 16, Sep, 2020

Exciting changes! Please bear with us!

We were delighted to welcome Ilona from EzyVet into practice today – she is at 387 Vets all this week helping to train the 387 team on our brand new…

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Published: 14, Sep, 2020

Cosy toes!

If your cat comes in for surgery, we’re really careful about working to keep your feline friend’s body temperature up. Risk of hypothermia during anaesthesia is a big concern, as…

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Published: 11, Sep, 2020

Happy Hamish!

Hamish has always had spaniels in his family, his current springer brought down from Scotland as a puppy when Hamish moved to Great Wyrley to set up 387 Vets back…

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Published: 9, Sep, 2020


Big congratulations to our student nurses Meena and Alanna who have passed their end of year veterinary nursing exams and are embarking on their new college terms this week! Alanna…

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Published: 7, Sep, 2020

Cat Clinic update!

Our new cat clinic build has come on leaps and bounds since we last shared photos with you. We now have rooms, the walls have been plastered, and the painting…

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Published: 4, Sep, 2020

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

We’ve been hosting Pet Blood Bank UK doggy blood donation sessions at 387 Vets since 2012, and it’s been amazing seeing so many doggy heroes come through our doors, knowing…

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Published: 2, Sep, 2020

Happy bunnies

Tomorrow is the last day of Rabbit Awareness Week 2020! The final theme for focus on Rabbit Awareness Week’s Facebook page is companionship and the social needs of rabbits, and…

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Published: 22, Aug, 2020


A huge shout out to Ted who is the focus of today’s Feline Friday post! Ted came to see us yesterday, as treatment for a swollen nose and nasal discharge…

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Published: 21, Aug, 2020

Vaccination is key!

The importance of vaccination is one of the key themes for this week’s Rabbit Awareness Week. We strongly recommend indoor and outdoor pet rabbits are vaccinated annually to protect against…

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Published: 19, Aug, 2020

Special delivery!

What a great way to travel into practice for your appointment! 11 year old Tiffany doesn’t live very far away and this is her preferred mode of transport going to…

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Published: 18, Aug, 2020