Sunshine on a rainy day!

It’s so miserable outside we thought we would share this photo to make you smile! Here’s Sam with four of a litter of 12 Labrador puppies in for their first…

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Published: 3, Dec, 2020

Give a homeless pet a Christmas dinner campaign

We’re delighted to announce that we are once again running our ‘Give a pet a Christmas dinner’ campaign this December in support of homeless dogs, cats and guinea pigs. We’re…

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Published: 2, Dec, 2020

Winter warmer

Happy 1st of December! What a beautifully crisp start to the month! 3 month old miniature dachshund Ruby looked fabulously well-dressed for winter when she came to see us in…

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Published: 1, Dec, 2020

New face at 387 Vets!

A huge welcome to Charlotte Rock who joins the 387 team in a brand new receptionist position. It’s particularly appropriate that Charlotte is the focus for our Feline Friday Facebook…

Categories: News
Published: 27, Nov, 2020

Petplan Veterinary Awards – nominations open!

We felt a lovely warm glow this morning when a certificate arrived in the post to say 387 Vets has been nominated for a prestigious 2021 Petplan Veterinary Award. Thank…

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Published: 25, Nov, 2020

Comfy wound protection

This is beautiful Shelby, the star of our Feline Friday post this week, at her post-op discharge appointment. The 6 month old had been in for neutering and went home…

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Published: 20, Nov, 2020

Guinea pig first!

A huge shout out to gorgeous guinea pig Clover who makes 387 history! Clover came in to see us with a swollen belly and she didn’t seem herself and wasn’t…

Categories: News
Published: 18, Nov, 2020

Amazing Lenny

We’re delighted to introduce Lenny, the feature of our dramatic Facebook posts last week! We put out an urgent appeal on Thursday to see if anyone could help us locate…

Categories: News
Published: 16, Nov, 2020

Happy birthday!

We do love babies and for today’s feline Friday Facebook post we have lots of them! Maine Coon mum Myrtle was brought into practice on Wednesday afternoon as she had…

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Published: 13, Nov, 2020

Christmas tree warning!

Poor dachshund Marti came in to see us as he had been sneezing and was bleeding from his nose. We suspected a foreign body, so had a good look up…

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Published: 10, Nov, 2020

Lockdown update

Traditionally, we run a feline Facebook post on a Friday, but today’s post applies to all pets that come to the practice. We just wanted to let you know that…

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Published: 6, Nov, 2020

Remember, remember…

It’s nearly the 5th November. Fireworks can be fun and exciting for us, but scary for our pets. We focused on helping to reduce feline stress and keeping cats safe…

Categories: News
Published: 3, Nov, 2020