387 Vets supports Rabbit Awareness Week

RAW 2015

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) runs from 9th to 17th May this year. In support of promoting good rabbit husbandry and teaching owners how to keep rabbits happy and healthy, 387 Vets are running free rabbit health and dental checks with free goodie bags for bunnies too. And not just during Rabbit Awareness Week but throughout the whole of May. The practice is also encouraging owners to vaccinate and neuter rabbits for best health care, with 1/3 off when rabbits book in for both this month. Vaccination is the only way to protect against the killer diseases myxomatosis and VHD. And neutering helps improve male rabbit behaviour and can actually be a lifesaver for girl bunnies as high proportion of female un-neutered rabbits will develop uterine cancer. Make sure you protect your rabbit!

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Published: 12, May, 2015