Incase you missed it . . .

We posted on our West Midlands Cat Clinic Facebook page on Wednesday the news that the government will be making the microchipping of cats in the UK compulsory as part…

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Published: 14, May, 2021

Mood boosting magic

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week, all the more pertinent this year given the stresses of the last 14 months. For many of us, our pets have been a…

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Published: 11, May, 2021

Feline Friday shift!

With our new West Midlands Cat Clinic now open, this will be our last weekly feline Friday Facebook post on our 387 Vets Facebook page! We’ve loved keeping you posted…

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Published: 7, May, 2021

The West Midlands Cat Clinic is open!

We are delighted to announce that The West Midlands Cat Clinic is now open! A big shout out to our first official feline visitor Dennis who has been in to…

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Published: 5, May, 2021

Stylish solution!

With our brand new cat clinic opening tomorrow, we thought a feline focus for today’s Facebook post would be purrrfect (excuse the pun!). Meet handsome Leo, who came in to…

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Published: 4, May, 2021

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!

We hope you and your pets have a fantastic bank holiday weekend whatever your plans may be! We just wanted to let you know that 387 Vets will be closed…

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Published: 1, May, 2021

Only 5 days until opening!

We’re really excited as final preparations are underway for the opening of The West Midlands Cat Clinic in less than a week! As of Wednesday 5th May, you’ll be able…

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Published: 30, Apr, 2021

The importance of puppy dental checks!

This is a great photo of a retained baby tooth from a puppy that we’ve taken out as it didn’t come out naturally when puppy’s underlying adult tooth pushed through….

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Published: 27, Apr, 2021

Cat clinic opening date!

We are delighted to announce that The West Midlands Cat Clinic, our brand new cat-centric veterinary facility, will be open to cats and their owners from 8.30am on Wednesday 5th…

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Published: 23, Apr, 2021

New face at 387 Vets!

A huge welcome to our new receptionist Michael Sargent who joined 387 Vets just this Monday, taking our dedicated reception team to a new total of four! Coming from his…

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Published: 21, Apr, 2021

Watch out for fleas!

Even though we’ve had a couple of recent cold snaps, Spring is definitely pushing through and a rise in temperature means an increase in outdoor flea activity as we approach…

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Published: 16, Apr, 2021

What a difference!

What a treat to see gorgeous Bernie again at 387 Vets last week. Some of you may remember our post from November 2019 when the 10.5 week old St Bernard…

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Published: 14, Apr, 2021