Celebrating our pets

Today is International Friendship Day. What a great opportunity to celebrate our pets! They make us laugh, bring us happiness, love us unconditionally, are always there for cuddles, to offer…

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Published: 30, Jul, 2021

It’s still grass seed season . . .

Just a reminder to keep looking out for grass seeds in pets’ paws, ears and underbellies. We recommend grooming your dog after walks to stop grass seeds becoming lodged where…

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Published: 28, Jul, 2021

Receptionist of the Year Awards 2021

Incase you missed it in our summer newsletter, voting for the Veterinary Receptionist of the Year Awards 2021 is open! The British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA) are inviting nominations for…

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Published: 22, Jul, 2021

Taking the itch out of itchy skin!

This is Toby who has been in to see Hamish recently with itchy skin. Toby has a history of reactive skin, but we had successfully managed to keep this under…

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Published: 20, Jul, 2021

Coming to 387 Vets from 19th July

With the government’s proposed changes to Covid rules on Monday, we wanted to let you know that at 387 Vets, we will continue to implement our current risk reduction measures….

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Published: 16, Jul, 2021


We had an exciting morning in practice yesterday when French bulldog Betsy came in to see us for an emergency caesarian section. Mum had been trying to delivery her babies…

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Published: 13, Jul, 2021

Puppy love!

After the tension of last night’s football match and ultimate disappointment in the end result, we thought we’d share a little restorative joy this morning to raise a smile! This…

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Published: 12, Jul, 2021


Huge congratulations to our student veterinary nurse Meena, who has just passed her final practical exams! Once registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), Meena will be a…

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Published: 9, Jul, 2021

Great Dane!

With the England – Denmark semi final of Euro 2020 tonight, it seems especially topical that we have had a Dane in practice today – a Great Dane! This is…

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Published: 7, Jul, 2021

Rabbit vaccination offer

Whilst Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) officially finished yesterday, don’t forget, our special offer on rabbit vaccinations runs until the end of this month! Get your rabbit’s annual vaccination for £35,…

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Published: 5, Jul, 2021

Rabbit Awareness Week continues!

It’s day 5 of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)! Make sure you check out Rabbit Awareness Week on Facebook and Instagram for heaps of great advice on rabbit welfare! Topics already…

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Published: 2, Jul, 2021

Watch out for grass awns!

This is Jasper who came in to see us after his owner noticed that Jasper was shaking his head and pawing at his left ear after his dog walk. On…

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Published: 30, Jun, 2021