Fab bed!

This is gorgeous Elsie from Broadmeadow Guinea Pig Rescue and Sanctuary who came in to see us last week. As well as bringing some tasty nibbles with her, Elsie kept…

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Published: 26, May, 2020

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

We wish you and your pets a very happy bank holiday weekend! It looks as though Monday’s weather is going to be gorgeous. Fingers crossed! The practice will be closed…

Categories: News
Published: 23, May, 2020

Calming action!

Today’s focus for feline Friday is on neutering, as this beautiful stray tom cat has been in to see us for castration. He was causing trouble in his local neighbourhood…

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Published: 22, May, 2020

Three cheers for our amazing vet nurses!

May is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month! What a great opportunity to celebrate the amazing work our Registered Veterinary Nurses carry out on a day to day basis, and even more…

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Published: 18, May, 2020

Cat clinic update!

Great news for our feline Friday post this week! Understandably, work on the cat clinic has been curtailed over the past few weeks with many deliveries of building materials postponed…

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Published: 15, May, 2020

Way to travel!

A big hello to Bonnie who came in to see us yesterday in her pushchair! What a cosy, comfy way to travel, and a great way to get a better…

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Published: 14, May, 2020

Puppy cuddles!

We love puppy cuddles, even more so during lockdown, so it was lovely to sneak a quick cuddle with Hershey this morning while she was here for her vaccinations. Hershey…

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Published: 12, May, 2020

VE Day

We just wanted to let you know that as tomorrow is a special VE Day bank holiday the practice will be closed, but we’ll be open again as normal on…

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Published: 7, May, 2020

We’d love your feedback

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding when coming to visit us in these challenging times. If you’ve been happy with the service you’ve received, we’d be really…

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Published: 5, May, 2020

Good dog!

Monday lockdown motivation! If you struggle with getting your dog to respond to you or are having challenges with training your dog, then ‘Sexier than a Squirrel’ may be the…

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Published: 4, May, 2020

Special bonding time

Many of us are currently spending more time at home with our cats – a great opportunity for us to have some fun time with our feline friends and set…

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Published: 1, May, 2020

Sleepy girl

This is three year old Maisy who came in to see us last week to have a grass seed removed under sedation. She looked so cosy and snug all tucked…

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Published: 29, Apr, 2020