Welcome to our brand new Wellness Plan!

We’re delighted to introduce you to 387 Veterinary Centre and The West Midlands Cat Clinic’s brand new Wellness Plan! Our plan is designed to help you spread the cost of…

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Published: 2, Oct, 2023

It’s Guinea Pig Awareness Week!

A special hello to our guinea pig pin up Vera and her babies for helping us to flag up Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW). Vera belongs to our student nurse…

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Published: 29, Sep, 2023

Painful hazard!

This is one year old springer spaniel Goose, who came in to see us last week with a very swollen face. Poor Goose had had a wasp in his mouth…

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Published: 26, Sep, 2023

Home at last!

This is Molly who escaped from her mum on our carpark a fortnight ago and has been in hiding. She is very timid so catching up with her to reunite…

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Published: 19, Sep, 2023

Autumn newsletter out now!

After an unusually hot spell, this week’s weather is definitely starting to feel more seasonal! Check out our latest newsletter for top tips on keeping pets healthy this Autumn. Catch…

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Published: 14, Sep, 2023

Special visitor

With 8th September marking the first anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, it seems particularly appropriate to have had a corgi as one of our patients today. 10…

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Published: 8, Sep, 2023


A big thank you to Jess from K9 Core Ltd in Pelsall who brought us in these gorgeous cupcakes this morning. We loved them so much we just had to…

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Published: 6, Sep, 2023

Thriving kittens

Following on from our ‘Survivors’ post from 10th August, about two tiny kittens that our nurses had been hand rearing, we were especially excited to see Icarus, Balthazar, Panzer and…

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Published: 31, Aug, 2023

Welcome to the team!

A big welcome to Isobel Pugh who has officially joined the 387 and West Midlands Cat Clinic team this summer! Isobel is no stranger to the practice as for the…

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Published: 22, Aug, 2023

Big dog!

This is stunning Great Dane Cooper who was in for a couple of procedures last week. He is so big he takes up the whole of our prep room table!…

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Published: 16, Aug, 2023


This is one of two babies that our amazing nurses have been looking after over the past 10 days. The kittens were found in a skip on an industrial estate….

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Published: 10, Aug, 2023

Socialisation for Sidney!

Sidney has been in to see us this morning for his weigh and worm appointment with our nurse Paige, and has been doing a bit of extra socialisation as Paige…

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Published: 8, Aug, 2023