A big thank you from Paws Patas

Huge thanks to everyone who generously donated leads, collars and other accessories for Sandra, one of our clients, to take out the Paws Patas charity in Spain at Easter.

Sandra spent two weeks at the kennels volunteering. Sadly, there was Parvo virus at the centre, a highly contagious and often fatal disease, and the kennels were in lockdown. Sandra spent most of her time working in quarantine, cleaning and disinfecting and giving lots of cuddles to the sick puppies, and of course making sure that she did not transmit Parvo outside an infected kennel. This is prevented by using barrier methods such as removing and disinfecting footwear at the kennel entrance, changing clothing, using (and changing) protective gloves and showering. Sandra said it was extremely hard work and that everyone did an amazing job under difficult conditions. Although one puppy passed away, the rest made a full recovery, and by the time Sandra left, there were no new cases.

Paws Patas’ mission is to help reduce the number of stray and abandoned dogs and cats in the area in need of help, by taking care of them and finding them a forever home. The charity also has a neutering policy to help reduce unwanted overpopulation, and aims to increase public awareness around animal welfare issues. For more information about the charity, visit paws-patas.org

Categories: News
Published: 23, May, 2019