A huge thank you from 387 Vets

Give a Pet a Christmas Dinner 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who brought in donations to 387 Vets as part of our December ‘Give a Pet a Christmas Dinner’ campaign. The project is designed to support cats and dogs in shelter still waiting for a loving forever home. We collected an amazing amount of dry biscuits, wet food, treats and even pet toys, towels, dog coats and leads. So much that it doesn’t all fit into this photo! In weight, the food alone amassed to a whopping 145kg – that’s the equivalent of 321 Sainsbury’s Christmas puddings!

Donations have been split between Sunnyside Kennels, Cats Protection Cannock and The Ashmore Rescue for cats. All charities are incredibly grateful for your amazing support.


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Published: 7, Jan, 2016