A remarkable reunion!

Following a call from a worried member of the public about a poorly black cat, two of our team, Sophie and Jo, went on a rescue mission! They retrieved her and brought her back into practice where we made her comfortable. We automatically scan all lost pets to see if we can locate their owners, and were delighted to discover our lost cat – Zoe Lee – was chipped! However, when we tried the phone number, we couldn’t get through. Not to be deterred, one of our nurses, Sharon, wrote to the address registered on the chip, and it was not long after that, that we received a call from Zoe Lee’s stunned and amazed mum!

This photo was taken just after Zoe Lee and her family were reunited. As you can imagine, there were a lot of happy tears! This reunion is particularly remarkable because incredibly, Zoe Lee had been missing from home for over two years. And whilst she was found in Great Wyrley she actually lives in Birmingham! How she arrived here, no one knows!

We were only able to reunite Zoe Lee with her family because she was microchipped. Whilst microchipping is now compulsory for dogs, avoid potential heartbreak and don’t forget your other pets too!

Once microchipped, remember to check registered contact details are up to date, so should the worst happen, you can be reunited quickly when your pet is found.

Categories: News
Published: 4, Mar, 2019