Antifreeze alert

With a few frosty mornings behind us, and the weather forecast indicating colder weather again just before Christmas, we thought we’d use today’s feline Friday post to put out a reminder about the dangers of antifreeze to cats and indeed pets in general and wildlife.

Commonly used in screen washes, car radiators and de-icers, antifreeze contains the chemical ethylene glycol, which is great at preventing freezing, but is incredibly toxic to our pets even in small amounts. If ingested, it causes kidney damage and more often than not, very sadly, death.

With this in mind, please be extra careful to ensure any spills are cleaned up immediately and that antifreeze bottles are stored away safely and securely to prevent potential heartbreak this winter.

Check out the poster accompanying this post, and click here to access International Cat Care’s feature on antifreeze and keeping cats safe.

Categories: News
Published: 11, Dec, 2020