“Bee” friendly!

A big shout out to our Clinical Director Hamish who has been speaking at the British Veterinary Association Live Congress at the NEC today! 387 Veterinary Centre is a Bee Friendly Practice with the British Bee Veterinary Association, and Hamish was invited to speak in the Sustainability Showcase about how we’ve been helping the bees. Bees are hugely important as crop pollinators and for maintaining natural biodiversity. Sadly, we’ve lost 19 species of bees in the last 100 or so years in the UK and 35 more are under threat of extinction. 97% of our wild meadows – important bee feeding grounds – have disappeared since the 1930s, in large part due to habitat destruction and pesticides. We need to help stop further bee decline!

We’ve been an actively bee-focused practice since 2017. We joined the BBVA’s Bee Friendly Practice scheme that January and in the April, planted over 100 lavender plugs around the practice car park as well introducing more bee-friendly flowers and herbs into the practice garden. In 2017 and 2018 we gave out lots of packets of bee and pollinator-friendly seeds to clients to encourage local planting off-site. And with the West Midlands Cat Clinic build and losing the practice garden, we’ve planted blossoming cherry trees and bee-friendly plants in our patio garden and staff car park, and have weeded out and re stocked our lavender beds. We donated £100 from our Cat Clinic open day raffle last Autumn to the British Beekeeper Association’s ‘Save the Bees’ campaign. And we’re currently running a ‘grow the tallest or widest sunflower’ competition amongst ourselves at work to continue to feed bees on a bigger scale. Our next project will be to look at seasonal planting to feed the bees in practice all year round.

Help save the bees! Use bee-friendly pest deterrents. Try leaving 15-30% of your grass un-mown for bees to forage. Create a bee bath to give bees something to drink. And when you’re thinking about new planting, look out for bee-friendly plants. The more small actions people take, the bigger positive difference we can make to help support the bees together!

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Published: 24, Jun, 2022