In light of recent announcements and news headlines, The British Veterinary Association issued this statement on their Facebook page yesterday about cats going outdoors during coronavirus:

Today’s been a long and challenging day at BVA HQ. We regret that our comments that hit the morning headlines caused confusion about our advice on cats and Covid-19. We appreciate that this understandably caused concern amongst pet owners and veterinary professionals, as well as the wider public.

As an organisation representing vets, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the advice we produce is accurate, evidence-based and clear. We’ve worked hard to clarify and broadcast the right, up to date advice and information so you know how to protect yourself and your pets’ health during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re really proud of our President, Daniella Dos Santos, who has done a great job to get the messages out on national and local news outlets today.

For the most up to date information you should read our latest guidance here:…/news-article/bva-statement-on-cats…/

Thank you for your understanding and the kind words we’ve received from BVA members and the public alike. Please continue to #bekindto one another and your pets, they deserve our love more than ever during this period of crisis.

Categories: News
Published: 9, Apr, 2020