Bunny buddies are the theme for Rabbit Awareness Week


It’s Rabbit Awareness Week this week, and this year the theme is bunny buddies. Check out these top tips for keeping bunny happy!

  • People make great rabbit play mates. As rabbits are ground loving, being carried round can be distressing so try to play at ground level; don’t approach from above (as a predator would!); when you do pick up your rabbit, make sure they are supported under all 4 legs and their bottom. Never pick up by the ears or scruff of the neck
  • Guinea pigs and rabbits shouldn’t really mix. Rabbits and guinea pigs communicate differently and bunnies can be a bit of a bully. They also have different dietary needs so shouldn’t really be sharing food, and rabbits can pass on bacteria to guinea pigs which can cause respiratory disease
  • Rabbits are really sociable and are happiest when they have a bunny pal. Boy and girl pairings work best, but make sure they are neutered! If you are introducing new rabbits to each other, make sure they meet in a neutral space so neither becomes territorial. They will need to be carefully monitored by you to make sure they are bonding happily. If you have never done this before, do ask us for advice.

Pop in to 387 Vets for your free rabbit health check and goody bag and for more information about bunny buddies and general rabbit welfare needs. And at www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk you’ll find lots of great information about keeping rabbits happy and healthy, from diet, environment and behaviour to company and health.




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Published: 20, Jun, 2016