Calming action!

Today’s focus for feline Friday is on neutering, as this beautiful stray tom cat has been in to see us for castration. He was causing trouble in his local neighbourhood and was fighting with the other cats. You wouldn’t think it to look at him here as he looks so super chilled!

Castrating your male cat helps reduce aggression towards other males and the tendency to fight and mark their territory by spraying urine (inside as well as outdoors!). If cats fight less, this also means they are much less likely to contract serious infectious diseases which can be transmitted through cat bites. And, of course, castration reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies across the cat population in general.

Neutering is permitted under current veterinary care guidelines where considered essential for population control and pet health and welfare.

If your cat cannot be kept indoors or lives with cats of the opposite sex and you wish to consider neutering at this time, please do give us a call to discuss.

Categories: News
Published: 22, May, 2020