Can my pet catch Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We’ve received a few queries from clients asking whether pets can catch COVID-19. The virus is most commonly passed from person to person by people coughing or sneezing. Whilst there’s evidence to suggest it can survive on surfaces for periods of time, there’s currently no evidence to suggest that pets can catch the virus, and therefore they can’t pass it on either. Nevertheless, we should make a habit of practising good hand hygiene anyway after playing with or cuddling our pets, and it’s sensible to avoid letting our pets lick our faces. We can never be quite sure what our pets have been eating, or where they might have been!

To read more about COVID-19 and pets, click here.

Whilst pets aren’t susceptible to COVID-19, we are all very aware that we are. As well as washing hands before coming into practice, please could all visitors now use the hand sanitiser on reception when you first arrive.

To further minimise risk, we now ask that only one person accompanies a pet into practice for their appointment. Please bear in mind social distancing too if needing to wait for your appointment. We’re happy to come and collect you from the car park if you give us a ring when you arrive.

Categories: News
Published: 18, Mar, 2020