Celebrating doggy lifesavers

Today is World Blood Donor Day 2021! In celebration, Pet Blood Bank have created a special thank you video for doggy donors and their owners for continuing to helping to save thousands of lives in the most difficult of times. You can watch their heart-warming message here.

As demand for blood continues to grow, Pet Blood Bank UK would love to register as many new donors as possible to ensure blood is always available when it’s needed. Are you an owner of a large, healthy, happy and confident dog? Your dog could be a lifesaver! Pet Blood Bank UK are especially keen to hear from owners of dogs more likely to have a negative blood type as this is in particularly high demand. These breeds include dobermans, German shepherds, flat coated retrievers, lurchers, boxers, weimaraners, pointers and greyhounds.

Interested in finding out more? Click here to visit Pet Blood Bank’s website, to read up on doggy donor criteria and to access their donor registration page. We know they would love to hear from you!

Categories: News
Published: 14, Jun, 2021